Kirkwood Children's Chorale
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Kirkwood, MO 63122

KCC Choirs

KCC Choirs for 2016-17

Cantando I & II

Heather Parli, Director     Zachary Kierstead, Accompanist

Cantando is an auditioned choir for beginning singers and singers with limited experience. Vocal training & music reading enhance their musical learning while singing unison music, with the introduction to two part music.  Cantando will learn correct posture, breathing and pitch matching while developing skills in diction, tone production, musical artistry and rhythmic and melodic reading.

Cantando II members will participate in a brief concert tour of St. Louis in the Spring.


Concert Choir

Claire Minnis, Director     Whitney Cairns, Accompanist   Katie Loeper, Choral Assistant

Concert Choir is a peforming choir open to singers in grades 6, 7 and 8.  It is comprised of highly motivated, experienced singers who have participated in the KCC program, have been recommended by their director and have shown the maturity to focus during long rehearsals and performances.  The need to demonstrate the responsibility to follow direction and be a contributing member of the ensemble.  Singers must be independent singers and sing harmony.  Musical interpretation and choral blend are stressed.  Challenging literature including foreign language pieces, are standard.

*Singers who have completed the 8th grade may apply to become a KCC Ambassador and continue to sing with Concert Choir while in high school.