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Alumni 25th Anniversary Memories

KCC Alumni,

In 1992, Mary Poshak and Mimi Steele started KCC with the goal of giving talented St. Louis area children a place to learn and perform music with other talented children.  KCC also became a place to make memories.

Since we are now in our 25th Anniversary season, we would like you to share some of your memories of KCC.  Your thoughts and memories will be compiled and put into a memory book and display at the Spring Concert.

Of course, you are all cordially invited to attend the Spring Concert.  It will be Saturday, March 4th, 2017 at 4:00pm at Westminster Christian Academy.  As always, Alumni are admitted free of charge.

You can either write a brief summary of your time with KCC or answer the following questions.


·         What year did you start with KCC?  In what grade were you?  How old were you?

 ·         What school(s) did you attend?  What school district?

 ·         Who were your KCC director’s and artistic staff?  What are your impressions of the KCC artistic staff?

 ·         What are your impressions of the other children you were associated with in KCC?  Are you still in touch with any other KCC Alumni?

 ·         What are some of the venues in which you performed with KCC?

 ·         Did you perform with other musical groups?  What are your impressions of those joint concerts?

 ·         Did you perform with an adult group (Philharmonic, Washington University Orchestra, SIU Choir/Orchestra, St. Louis Wind Symphony, St. Louis Brass) while with KCC?  What was that experience like?

 ·         Do you have any particular memories of a specific song(s) you sang with KCC?

 ·         Did you travel with KCC?  Where did you go within the St. Louis area?  Where did you go within the state of Missouri?  Where did you go nationally?  Where did you go internationally?  What are your impressions of traveling with KCC?  What are impressions of the places you performed, the sites you saw and the people you met?

 ·         What would you say to a parent thinking of placing their child in KCC?  What would you say to the child thinking of joining KCC?

 ·         Do you have any special memories of your time with KCC you can share?  A special friend, song, venue, bus ride, concert...

 Please send all memories and comments to:  kccstl25alumni@gmail(dot)com